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A network of specialist lawyers and consultants supports the core of our multidisciplinary team at Rashwany Legal Consultats.

Saadallah Rachwany

Construction, Real Estate, Arbitration, Corporate Dispute.

We keep law simple for our client.

No case too big, no case too small.

We win cases, and we settle more.

Director of Rashwany Legal Consultats, Saadallah Rachawany is an Accredited Specialist in Litigation on Maritime & Shipping, Banking & Finance, Corporate & Civil Law, and Construction & Property disputes. His passion and dedication to obtaining the best results for his clients have inspired the initiative to direct this firm.

Before joining Rashwany Legal Consultats, Saadallah worked for a leading national firm and managed a large branch office consisting of lawyers practicing across all areas of the law.

Over the years, Saadallah has developed a reputation for securing a better future for his clients by applying his comprehensive knowledge of the law and advancing each case on its own merits. His logical approach has won the confidence of his clients and the respect of his opponents across all areas of the law.

As an Accredited Specialist, Saadallah has a wealth of litigation experience, having practiced in Courts and Tribunals in the GCC.

This diverse knowledge and skill base makes Saadallah a well-rounded and balanced lawyer with a rational approach to any legal dispute.