About Us

A network of specialist lawyers and consultants supports the core of our multidisciplinary team at Rashwany Legal Consultats.

Who We Are

We believe our client-focused approach marks us apart from most law firms. All our dealings with clients are practical, transparent and productive. Protecting our integrity keeps us thriving as a law firm. Part of our commitment to integrity is recognizing when a client needs matters to be treated with the highest level of confidentiality, and we always act in the client's best interest. We have a set of management protocols that assist us in remaining focused on the well-being of our clients.

When discussing expectations, we are honest with clients and ensure our services are appropriate and consistent.

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We listen to understand and assess the client's situation, their previous experience of legal terminology and their knowledge of their situation.


Our commitment to offering genuine, well-considered advice and support at all times.


Action out advice smoothly and effectively and within the timeframe.


Make the client's journey informative and valuable by keeping the client informed and updated.

Rashwany Legal Consultats has a highly focused dispute management practice, with significant experience resolving arbitration matters for clients across key industry sectors, including insurance, construction, real estate, international trade, financial institutions, infrastructure, transport and technology.

Our litigation lawyers act expeditiously on matters of personal and business importance and advise on complex, high-value and sensitive disputes. Supported by our specialist support team, our lawyers provide clients with practical, relevant legal advice that focuses on their strategic and commercial objectives. Our team efficiently manages a continuum of dispute resolution and litigation mechanisms ranging from negotiation, mediation, conciliation and conflict resolution to strategically effective courtroom management.

As a key aspect of our service methodology, our team provides clients with consistent and proven options analysis, strategic overviews and clear explanations of tactical options. The members of our multidisciplinary team collaborate to develop case strategies and priorities while remaining focused on managing client costs.

Our litigation team of lawyers can take the lead with settlement negotiation, mediation and taking matters to court. In the event of a commercial dispute, our lawyers will represent the client and tackle problems and issues efficiently to achieve positive outcomes within an economical framework. This underpins actions taken for a client across various matters, including trusts, contractual disputes and intellectual property issues.